Perth Bicentenary Project Idea

22Dec 2017

Post War Perth development was dominated by modernist design and a desire to forge a new path by shedding the colonial past. Perth wanted to show the world it was growing up. In a similar fashion to many cities, this translated to the widespread demolition of heritage buildings. The past cannot have happened if there […]

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Perth Wildflower - Kangaroo Paw

Private Wildflower Tours in Perth

21Sep 2017

Private Wildflower and Nature Bushwalk Tours in Perth. Wildflower and Nature Bushwalk tours are the best way the experience wildflower season in Perth, which can last all year round. There are more than 12,000 species of plants around Perth and 60% of these wildflowers are found nowhere else on earth. During wildflower season, you will […]

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Wildflower and Nature Tours Perth

29Aug 2017

Wildflower, nature and wildlife tours Perth Western Australia Welcome to Perth! We are blessed to live in the centre of a biodiversity hotspot. It is one of the world’s 34 internationally recognised biodiversity hotspots, which have more than 1500 endemic species of plant and have lost more than 70 per cent of their original habitat. […]

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Perth City Art and Culture Guided Walking Tours.

28Aug 2017

Perth City Art and Culture Guided Walking Tours. the best cities are places full of interesting art works. Perth is definitely a city with alot of art. The old style of artwork in Perth comprised of bronze statues or totem poles honouring different minerals that are mined in the state. However in the last decade, […]

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Why choose Two Feet?

11Aug 2017

Walk with the best! Since 2007, thousands of visitors and locals have explored Perth and Fremantle on a walking tour with us, hosted by a friendly, knowledgable and passionate local. Discover the culture, food, art, history, laneways, alleys, bars and restaurants of Perth.   Two Feet began in the time-honoured tradition of scribbling an idea […]

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Best brunches in Perth that you don’t have to queue for

16Mar 2017

Best brunches in Perth that you don’t have to queue for If you live in Perth, you know that brunch here is like a sport. In order to secure a table at your café of preference, you have to get up early, wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to scuffle a bit. Well we here […]

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The Rocks, Sydney – Walking Tours

02Feb 2017

Any visit to Sydney is going to lead you to some very specific areas and site. Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay, The Rocks… For the best way to experience, hook up with a guide from Two Feet & a Heartbeat Walking Tours for a few hours. Sydney With Conviction Walking Tour      When […]

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Best cheap Asian lunches in Perth City

31Jan 2017

With so many new places opening in the CBD for lunch – almost on a daily basis – there is a huge range of options to suit all tastes and budgets.  We’ve rounded up our old school favourites that have always delivered a delicious lunch and continue to stand out amongst all the new offerings […]

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Bar Tours in Sydney – Weekend Notes Review

03Nov 2015

Do you know that there are around 100 small bars located in the Sydney CBD and approximately 85 more in the Sydney surrounds. Here are just some of them. Garry from Weekend Notes came along last month to check out just a few of them and see what it is all about. He was very pleased […]

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Small Bar tours in Sydney (this is no pub tour!)

03Nov 2015

Small bars are something that is relatively new to Sydney. Since 1788, the city has seen pub after pub established, and while some of the oldest still exist, such as the Hero of Waterloo and the Fortune of War, society has dictated that smaller intimate venues are wanted. So when Clover Moore, the now Lord […]

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