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Best brunches in Perth that you don’t have to queue for

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Best brunches in Perth that you don’t have to queue for

Best brunches in Perth that you don’t have to queue for

Best brunches in Perth that you don’t have to queue for

Best brunches in Perth that you don’t have to queue for

If you live in Perth, you know that brunch here is like a sport. In order to secure a table at your café of preference, you have to get up early, wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to scuffle a bit. Well we here at Two Feet say enough is enough. We want to rock up to a café at 10am on a Sunday and not have to queue for an hour while a hipster waiter pretends to ignore us. Either that, or we want to be able to book a table – another rarity in Perth when it comes to brunch! So we’ve rounded up some of our favourite breakfast joints that serve delicious food and decent coffee, but are under the radar just enough so you can be almost be guaranteed a seat.

Little Bird café, Northbridge

This gorgeous café in the heart of Northbridge serves up some of the prettiest, tastiest and healthy breakfasts in Perth. It’s well known with the instagram set who flock to photograph the drool-worthy cakes (think salted caramel cheesecake, peanut butter brownies, vegan black forest cake), but it’s a big space inside and there’s also outdoor seating. Plus this place takes booking AND their breakfast menu is an all day affair. You can order everything from a detox juice and a green breakfast bowl, to a double macchiato and panzanella with chorizo, bacon and a poached egg.

Coode Street Café, Mt Lawley (now closed)

This hidden little gem is patronised by all manner of Mount Lawley locals… except the hipster set intent on searching out the best acai bowl in town. It gets busy here, but there’s also a lot of space, which means a) you can take a dog or a pram or both (which is ever important to us folks over 30), and b) you’re not jammed in next to a stranger and forced to hear about how their latest air yoga class went. The service is prompt, friendly and efficient and the wait staff will even bring you a bowl of water for your pooch. On the menu is everything from house made bircher to sweet corn pikelets with smashed avo, hotcakes and a damn fine eggs Benny.

Duende, Leederville

In addition to their smashing tapas menu, indulgent desserts and impressive wine selection, this Leederville local also dishes up five star breakfasts. Think braised black eyed peas with tortillas and fried eggs, Spanish hash with chorizo, and charchuka eggs. And the best part about the breakfast here? You can finish it off with a donut slider – a mini donut topped with caramelised banana, candied bacon, maple syrup and whipped cream. Not only does Duende normally have tables for walk-ins, but they also take bookings.

The Old Laundry, North Perth

Another place that takes bookings! Huzzah! And their coffee and breakfast are bang on! Huzzah! The Old Laundry in North Perth is a funky restaurant / café / bar that has ample space and is trendy enough to impress out of town guests who you want to show Perth’s “cool” side to, without having to queue. Be tempted by offerings such as smashed avo with poached eggs and heirloom tomatoes, charred asparagus with Spanish ham and eggs, and even a German hotdog. And because it’s also a bar, it’s perfectly acceptable to wash your brunch down with a cold beer or a sneaky glass of bubbles.

Paddy Field, Northbridge [permanently closed]

We can’t talk about brunch in Perth without listing at least one place for Yum Cha. Drive around Northbridge on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you will see queues snaking around blocks as people line up to get their yum cha fill. Bypass the lines and head to Paddy Field on Newcastle Street in Northbridge for an authentic Chinese restaurant with an extensive dumpling menu. Expect to feast on things like prawn and coriander dumplings, deep fried vegetarian dumplings, steamed pork buns, salt and pepper squid, and soft shell crab. Visit our friends at the Nostalgia Box afterwards and burn off those calories playing some old school video games!