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Best cheap Asian lunches in Perth City

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Best cheap Asian lunches in Perth City

Best cheap Asian lunches in Perth City

Best cheap Asian lunches in Perth City

With so many new places opening in the CBD for lunch – almost on a daily basis – there is a huge range of options to suit all tastes and budgets.  We’ve rounded up our old school favourites that have always delivered a delicious lunch and continue to stand out amongst all the new offerings in the city.

1. Sushi from David Jones, Hay Street Mall

Yes it’s a food hall and yes it’s David Jones… but the sushi here is some of the best in Perth! Extremely fresh and authentic and there are plenty of take away boxes to go.  There’s always a queue at lunchtime but it normally moves pretty quickly.  Try the rainbow box and the salmon sashimi… with a cheeky tempura prawn roll on the side.  The best part about eating in the food court is all the options for dessert.  Plus you can pick up a new pair of shoes on the way out.  Winning.

2. Bánh Mìs from Le Vietnam, Barrack Street

Another lunchtime joint which gets a queue… but this is another one that moves quickly and is worth queuing for!  The Banh Mi rolls at Le Vietnam come in two styles – traditional, with fillings like crispy roast pork or grilled chicken, and premium, which are stuffed with delicacies such as Korean BBQ pork or soft shell crab.  The service is friendly, fast and convenient, and you can finish your dining experience off with a Vietnamese coffee.  You know – the super strong type with condensed milk?  Amazeballs.

3. Ramen from Nao, 580 Hay Street Perth, within Equus Arcade (formerly on Murray Street)

This place has some serious competition when it comes to Ramen joints in town… but it’s one of the originals and IMHO it’s the best. Fresh noodles hand made daily in four flavours (white, green, red or black) which you choose as the base for your ramen.  My pick is the refreshing cold ramen with green noodles.  It sounds a bit strange, but when you live in Perth and it’s over 30 degrees 300 days a year, discovering cold ramen was like discovering frozen Mars Bars!

4. Dumplings from Bam Bam Boo, 140 William Street [permanently closed]

This is a relatively new joint dishing out dumplings by the dump truck full at 140 William Street. The ipad ordering system is a revelation – you can take your time, see photos of your dishes and select as you please. There’s everything from plates of deep fried squid tentacles to crispy fried tofu, steamed pork buns and of course, dumplings of all varieties.  You can scoot in, order a feast, eat, have a cup of Chinese tea and be back at your desk within the hour.  You might need your fat pants and a nap, but hey, what are Fridays for?!

5. Traditional Vietnamese from Mama Tran, 36-40 Milligan Street 

Ahh.. Mama Tran. Saving the best for last! Mama Tran has been around for decades and was started by Mrs Tran in the 1980s after fleeing from Vietnam to Australia with her husband and children in 1978. The restaurant has moved since its original location on Palmerston Street but is still as busy and popular as it was in the 80s, when it was only one of a few places to get Vietnamese food in Perth. The menu is mostly traditional Vietnamese including options like baguettes with grilled chicken and pate, prawn rice paper rolls and a variety of noodle soups and salads. Perfect for a Monday pick-me-up, a celebration lunch… and any other occasion that requires food!

After all these lunchtime delights why not join us on one of our afternoon or evening tours of the city!