Perth's Best Walking Tours #1 since 2007
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Why choose Two Feet?

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Why choose Two Feet?

Why choose Two Feet?

Why choose Two Feet?

Walk with the best! Since 2007, thousands of visitors and locals have explored Perth and Fremantle on a walking tour with us, hosted by a friendly, knowledgable and passionate local. Discover the culture, food, art, history, laneways, alleys, bars and restaurants of Perth.

Two Feet began in the time-honoured tradition of scribbling an idea down on a coaster at the pub. Two friends, who had spent many of their years travelling realised that some cities are harder to understand than others.

Our tours are designed to be conversational, informative, engaging and entertaining. We don’t focus on the “This building was constructed in nineteen-digity-four by Jebediah Springfield”. We focus on the who, what, where, when, why and how. We paint a picture of the destination you are visiting. At the end of our tours, you will be able to say “Ah, I get it now”.

Perth is one of those places that is a bit of a mystery. Most people know that is is a very isolated place on the west coast of Australia, but outside of that , there is very little understating of its story. Two Feet tours will help you to understand Perth by discovering the people, events and decisions made that ultimately shaped it into the evolving city that it is today.

All tour material is fully researched to ensure the stories and information presented is based on historically accurate and referenced sources. This is achieved through partnerships and relationships with the National Trust, The Heritage Council, Heritage Perth and by engaging state government departments. Extensive research is also conducted at the State Library, through internet searches, collection of a comprehensive private library of historical books and journals, as well as collecting firsthand accounts from people who were actually there to witness events.

The indigenous content of the tours has been endorsed for accuracy and cultural sensitivity by  respected elders.

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