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Mixing business with leisure. “Bleisure”

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Mixing business with leisure. “Bleisure”

Mixing business with leisure. “Bleisure”

Mixing business with leisure. “Bleisure”

Mixing business with leisure. “Bleisure” . Sure, it is a made up word, however it is a trend that is growing.

To those who do not travel for work, it can be difficult to understand that it is no holiday. When the boss given you the golden ticket to escape the office, hit the clouds and travel for work, it sounds glamourous, however the reality can be very different. In recent times, the trend of “bleisure” is gaining significant traction, this being where you add on a couple of extra days on a business trip to enjoy some relaxation, sightseeing and time-out.

The benefits of bleisure for the individual are numerous. It allows you to take a break and de-stress after busy days of meetings and work commitments, to experience a new culture, and ensure that life isn’t just “all work, no play”. In fact, companies are also trying to work on promoting bleisure.  According to numerous studies undertaken on the advantages of a workforce rich in work-life balance, not only are greater levels of productivity shown, increased employee engagement, fewer sick days, improved brand perception but  also a reduced staff turnover.

So come on… take those extra days and enjoy it! Here are five of our best tips on how you can enjoy some bleisure time in Perth, this summer.

Tip one: get outdoors, bask in the sunshine and stroll through Perth’s botanical gardens, Kings Park. Make sure to go on the treetop walk and climb the 101 steps of the DNA tower, both boasting some of the best views of the Swan River and our city.

Tip two: make a trip to Fremantle, a diverse seaside town that is both hip and rich in convict history, it has it all just 25 minutes from the CBD. You can find cafes to excite any foodie, heritage buildings and many museums.

Tip three: get to the coast, and have a dip in one of Perth’s best beaches. Infinite stretches of white sand, crystal clear water and always an ice-cream shop nearby. We recommend Cottesloe Beach, nationally regarded at Perth’s pin-up.

Tip four: explore the CBD, Perth now has over 110 small bars sprouting out of hidden laneways, whether you want a quiet beer, or whether you want to soak in the atmosphere while sipping on a rare gin, there is something for every bleisure traveller.

Tip five: don’t be shy, us Perth people are a chatty, welcoming bunch, so pull up a chair at the bar, say g’day and we will be sure to give you some local tips and make you feel welcome.

For more tips on how to see what you want to see while visiting Perth, check out our website, for tours in Perth, Fremantle and beyond.