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Staff Christmas Events with a difference

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Staff Christmas Events with a difference

Staff Christmas Events with a difference

Staff Christmas Events with a difference

So if you have ever been in charge of organising the staff Christmas event, you know the pain that can be associated with it. Lunch at a buffet, a trip to the pub, a booking at a restaurant. There will always be these options, and they will always have a place, but now you have a new option too.

From the team that brought the original walking tour Eat/Drink/Walk Perth, celebrating the small bar and restaurant scene comes…

A good old-fashioned scavenger hunt!

This is not a race. The fastest to finish doesn’t win. The hunt will last for 2.5hrs and here is how it works:

Two Feet guides will rendezvous with the participants at a designated meeting location and provide all of the material and instructions required to undertake the hunt. Two Feet guides will never be far away and all participants will be able to contact them if required.

The hunt will be self guided in small teams utilising written clues, pre existing knowledge and also geocaching, which involves participants to use Global Positioning System (GPS) navigational techniques to find their goals or next clue.

Points will be allocated for completed tasks including “checking in”, taking photo’s at landmarks, collecting objects and deciphering clues. The more tasks completed, the more points earned!

Participants will be required to demonstrate teamwork, analytics and a good sense of fun. There will be the opportunity for a refreshing beverage mid hunt at specific “check in” locations.

The hunt will take place within a very walkable area located in the confines of the city centre. Participants only require a basic level of fitness. Two Feet guides will be at a pre-determined finishing location to welcome participants, compile the race results and issue prizes.

Start and finish locations can be tailored to your requirements, including bars, restaurants and venue spaces.