Private Wildflower Tours in Perth

Private Wildflower and Nature Bushwalk Tours in Perth.

Wildflower and Nature Bushwalk tours are the best way the experience wildflower season in Perth, which can last all year round. There are more than 12,000 species of plants around Perth and 60% of these wildflowers are found nowhere else on earth.

During wildflower season, you will experience a bed of colours like nothing you have seen before. The noongar (local aboriginal) calendar is made up of six different seasons, each lasting for 2 months.

  • June/July is the wettest time of the year.
  • Aug/Sept is a mix of wet days with pleasant warm temperatures.
  • Oct/Nov is long dry periods
  • Dec/Jan is hot and dry days

During these different times of the year, wildflowers will blossom in a wonderful range of colours that make for perfect photo opportunities.