Testimonials – Perth

“Perth – A City Way Out West”
Reviewed 23 April 2015
Although we live in Perth, it was great to tour the city and remind us how lucky we are to be living here. Gary, our (Irish!) tour guide, had great knowledge of Perth city, not only of past history but up-to-date information on Elizabeth Keys and the linking of Northbridge with the city. He also showed us lane ways that house small bars, great to see these areas being utilised. All in all, a very enjoyable time was had. Would definitely recommend a ‘Two Feet and a Heartbeat’ Tour.
stennie53 – Perth, Australia
“Northbridge Small Bars”
Reviewed 10 April 2015
Took 7 of my staff on a surprise outing and thoroughly enjoyed the Eat/Drink/Walk Northbridge Tour. Who’d have thuoght there’d be a Gin Bar – was great to hear the commentary and learn and taste the different varieties. Our guide Finn was excellent, what he lacked in historical knowedge he made up for in personality and humour. My team really enjoyed the evening and we now have plenty more little bars and venues to visit (even a rum bar that requires a password!!!).
headless99 – Perth, Australia
“Good fun night!”
Reviewed 27 March 2015
Our group all learnt new things about our city and we went to some lovely places we didn’t know existed. Fantastic value for money.
Karen J – Perth, Australia
“Sailors Guide to Fremantle”
Reviewed 7 January 2015
We are locals who had already taken the excellent ‘Fremantle Convicts & Colonials’ walk. This tour is based in the harbour-front area. It covers the maritime history of the town. Our local & very knowledgable guide Bethany, took us around the harbour, bathers beach & nearby streets whilst imparting fascinating tales of how Freo developed as a thriving harbour town. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon. This tour and the ‘Convicts’ tour give locals & tourists alike,a thorough insight into the fine town Fremantle is today. Thank you ‘Two Feet’ . Thank you Bethany.
MarieG60 – Perth, Australia
“Convicts and Colonies – Fremantle walking tour”
Reviewed 15 November 2014
Awesome tour, even as a local there was loads to learn from our impressive Canadian tour guide – Ryan who did a brilliant job.
Ken S – Perth, Australia
“Fremantle walking tour”
Reviewed 5 March 2014
Great tour! Found out about a lot of history that isn’t taught in schools! Ryan was a great bloke, very friendly and knew his stuff! Would highly recommend this tour through Fremantle for tourists and locals who want to know more about the history or Fremantle and Perth. Loved the stop off at the chocolate shop!
Steve G – Tuart Hill, Australia
“Locals enjoy this as well”
Reviewed 30 January 2014
We live in Perth, but sometimes you don’t visit your own attractions. On a warmish summer day we booked into the Fremantle version of Two Feet and a Heartbeat. Andrew was waiting to great us, we were the only two that day. Even though we have lived in this state for over 50 years within a few minutes we were learning pieces of information that we had never heard before. The pace of walk was very easy. Any questions you asked were answered. We thoroughly enjoyed our two hour experience and we hope more similar walks are offered in the future.
Chris C – Perth, Australia
“Discovering Fremantle”
Reviewed 1 November 2013
A tour with Two Feet & a Heartbeat was a great way to discover more about Fremantle than I had ever known despite living in WA for most of my life. Of course, those of us who live here all love Fremantle and it is nice to check out all the old buildings that have thankfully preserved. But it is so much better to have the stories behind those buildings bought to life. And that is what happens on a walking tour with Two Feet and a Heartbeat. Our guide Ryan was very knowledgeable and entertaining and held our interest throughout the 2 hour tour. He kept the walking pace to a comfortable level for everyone and made sure whenever we stopped we were in a cool shady spot as it was a warm day. Next time you are in Fremantle, don’t just have a coffee, make it a day of discovery.
Jane L – Perth, Australia
“Walking tour of Perth”
Reviewed 28 August 2013
Ryan is so cool and very accommodating. Even I am alone guest and the weather is raining the tour must go on. Rather than riding into a coach it’s a best way to walk and explore the rich history of the places. It is a unique tour that everyone should experience when visiting Perth.
“Personal Tour of Fremantle”
Reviewed 21 August 2013
I went on the [–] Tuesday tour while in Fremantle. As a local who now lives in London it was great to see Freo again and learn about its history from someone in the know. I was lucky enough to get a personal one to one tour on a weekday so good to know that even with one person the tour runs. Ryan was knowledgeable and said if there was anywhere particular I wanted to go to let him know. The entry donation to the Roundhouse was even included in the tour and he walked me to the train station so got a few stories about C Y O’Connor walking along the port on the way. Would definitely recommend for locals and overseas visitors alike. Even if you’re in a group you’ll still get a nice, relaxed walk around Fremantle with lots of fascinating facts.
Saggiblue – London, England
“What a wonderful walk”
Reviewed 5 July 2013
A little education presented in a most entertaining way. I enjoyed discovering things about Fremantle and I am a local. The guide was entertaining and lively and very knowledgeable on Freo. Topped it off with lunch on the Cappucino Strip.
Gulifremantle – Fremantle, Australia
“Fun, quirky way to see Freo!”
Reviewed 24 June 2013
We spent a very happy morning strolling around Fremantle and noticed things we had not seen on previous trips in which we kept our eyes down and on the shops! We learnt interesting quirky and downright useless information about Freo! All of which was delivered in an interesting and enthusiastic way by our guide. Highly recommend this way of exploring a city even if you think you know it well, you probably don’t!
Judith_pb – Gloucestershire, England
“Facinating Fremantle. Superb Walking Tour”
Reviewed 8 November 2012
Wonderful is the word. The historical walking tour of Fremantle unlocks the history of Perth and Fremantle. This two hour walking tour is well paced, full of interesting history and hits all the interesting locations for the background to the establishment of WA and Perth. Our guide Ryan was excellent, well versed in his history, friendly and well and clearly spoken information. This tour is highly recommended.
Rebmevon – Queensland

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