Digital Treasure Hunt Tour of Perth | Self Guided Walking Tour | Perth

Digital | Self Guided | Treasure Hunt

11May 2018

Coming July 2018

Digital | Self Guided | Perth Treasure Hunt

Explore Perth,  search for waypoints, complete tasks, solve riddles and search for answers before being able to move on to the next waypoint.

Perfect for tourists and locals wishing to (re)discover their surroundings and find the most interesting places to visit. Get to know history and culture and learn where the popular places are to visit.

Hundreds of digital waypoints have been placed throughout the city. Users follow maps to hunt for them and receive a ‘ding’ when they are within close proximity to discover hundreds of secrets. Tours include:

PERTH TREASURE HUNT:                             Self-guided treasure hunt through the city.

SMALL BARS OF PERTH                                 Find the closest small bar to your exact location at any time.

SELF GUIDED TOUR OF FREMANTLE        Be guided along an astounding trail through Fremantle.


Languages available:

Chinese Simplified   Chinese Traditional   French   German   Italian   Japanese   Korean   Spanish

There is no time limit to the hunt. Take as little or as long as you like!

Simply Download EVERYTHERE for free from Apple or Google. Securely and safely “in App purchase” your favourite digital tour.

Only $5 each from Apple or Google | July 2018

contact for more information. Conference packages available.