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Untold Stories of Perth

One of the most prominent Western Australian’s in history was John Forrest. His grand Kings Park, Perth says in a most understating manner, “Explorer & Statesman”

Tommy Windich was a lifelong mate of Forrest. They bonded over adventurous spirit and youthful energy. Both were brilliant on the back of a horse. It is impossible to know that Forrest’s history would be were it not for Tommy and his ability to make it across vast deserts on foot. Windich was a legitimate household name in Perth in the 1800’s yet finding information about Tommy proved difficult – so if anyone is able to provide more information please do reach out.

Episode produced by Two Feet and a Heartbeat for the City of Perth Cultural Collections. The working title was “The Man who made John Forrest Famous”.





Episode 4 – Tommy Windich


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