Tours & Booking

Eat/Drink/Walk Perth (Small Bar Tour)

(Tues/Wed/Thurs & Sat) Perth’s Small Bar Tour will take you on an evening journey through Perth’s emerging food & beverage scene. Come with us and discover the new small bars...

Sailors Guide to Fremantle (History & Beer)

(Sat/Sun) As a sailor arriving in Fremantle through the years, what was life like? Pioneering settlers, Dutch explorers, whalers, migrants, convicts, naval seamen, gold seekers...

Perth - A City Way Out West

(Daily) Even if you have lived in Perth your whole life, you will not believe what this tour uncovers. This information-packed 2-hour guided walk through the heart of Perth...

Perth - A City Way Out West (Tight Arse Tuesday)

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Fremantle - Convicts & Colonials

(Daily) “Freo” is the birthplace of the “Swan River Colony” and home some of the most amazing stories from colonial times in Australia. Explore Fremantle with a local and hear...

Fremantle - Convicts & Colonials (Tight Arse Tuesday)

Save 50% SAVE 50% on our Tight Arse Tuesday Special for "Fremantle - Convicts & Colonials"

CBD Progressive Dinner (Group Bookings Only)

Experience some of the best Perth has to offer in this exclusive tour. Dine at 3 of the finest venues in the CBD and be guided through the city on a sophisticated tour.