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Northbridge - Red Lights to Restaurants

Northbridge has a chequered history with swamps, lakes, hunting grounds, immigration, brothels, opium dens, gambling, nightclubs and now, many cool bars, restaurants and...

Eat/Drink/Walk Northbridge

Walk a little, eat a little and drink a little. Northbridge is a culturally diverse destination with a vast array of new small bars opening recently. Explore Northbridge’s...

Perth CBD Progressive Dinner

Walk and dine down St Georges Terrace in the heart of the city. Enjoy 3 courses of beautiful dishes with a beverage to compliment in some of the finest venues in the city.

Eat/Drink/Walk Perth (Small Bar Tour)

Walk a little, eat a little and drink a little. This is the original Perth small bar tour, established in 2006 as the small and intimate venues in the city created a new...

World of Whisky Tour

(Wed) Do you have a passion for whisky or are you someone who just wants to lean more about this amazing spirit? Experience the best of Perth’s small bars on this exclusive...

Sailors Guide to Fremantle (History & Beer)

(Sat/Sun) As a sailor arriving in Fremantle through the years, what was life like? Pioneering settlers, Dutch explorers, whalers, migrants, convicts, naval seamen, gold seekers...

Perth - A City Way Out West

Our flagship tour - Why was Perth colonised? What was the interest here? What happened when they arrived? Perth is a city that was chilling out for a long time but is now making...

Perth - A City Way Out West (Tight Arse Tuesday)

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Fremantle - Convicts & Colonials

(Daily) The traditional gateway to Perth, or as it was originally called, The Swan River Colony, Fremantle is home to some of the most amazing stories from colonial times in...

Fremantle - Convicts & Colonials (Tight Arse Tuesday)

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